Illinois Chamber of Commerce v1.0

A cloudSPRING entry I designed where I used content from their website as filler text and also another design layout of mines for inspiration. City of Illinois Chamber of Commerce.


audioCloud.com web user interface

The greatest

BET tablet website design

Drake “October’s Very Own” Wallpaper by bd3signs

Lil Wayne and The Grammys

Lil Wayne and The Grammys, originally uploaded by bhaines3.

Album Art – Another Day UpTheWay

CD cover for up and coming artist i.L “Anotha Day UpTheWay”

Updated Final: Ultimate Eliminator UI Design

the final design for ultimateeliminator.com

It finally came together, although the Header and Logo design could be improved upon. This also isn’t the live version, the client is in charge of their own coding, I simply work along side the developer.